BubbleGum Chair

A chair/storage for Kid's room to help organize while using the toys as texture and color and a soft cushion. When plush toys are not stored in it to offer sitting, they can be replaces with blankets and pillows. Inspired by the colorful, vintage glass bubble gum machine, this chair/storage helps kids organize while using the toys texture and color to form a soft cushion. When plush toys are not stored in it blankets and pillows can be substituted. The outside shell of the back-rest (made from rotational molded polyethylene is organic and fully recyclable) is hard while the inside is soft for comfortable lounging. The inside is made of E.V.A Foam, the same material found in athletic shoes and it is sturdy, comfortable, safe, lightweight, durable, strong and washable. The lower half is clear, solid acrylic, showing the shape, texture and color of the toys in much the same way a gumball machine does. As an experiment with material, I used an EVA-lined wooden back-rest instead of polyethylene to add a warm, traditional and more natural look to a second concept.

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