"First Date" Table

A formal yet fanciful approach to the romantic setting where people meet and gradually uncover the details about themselves over dinner, drinks and conversation. Inspired by Marcel Wander’s “crochet designs” the table is made of wispy chiffon hardened into the elephant’s figure and holding a glass table- top. The result is a combination of the powerful and stout elephant waiting quietly under the tablecloth and the easy, sumptuous and misty drape of the delicate fabric. Visually the elephant is there but not there, perceptible to the eye and hand and still not completely so. The imagery seeks to capture those first uneasy moments when people are aware but attempt to ignore the “white elephant” in the room. Giant yet gentle moments we try to navigate slowly and calmly with candor and clarity so we can find romance. Perhaps with a smile and an eye toward complete transparency these usually uneasy moments can help us discover that our fears are more shape than substance.

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