"Luna" Tray

This is a project for mindful eating. Healthy diet is a major important subject especially with obesity becoming an epidemic among children and adults. I wanted to find a simple solution that will not require us to change our lifestyle, which can be very difficult, but to work with it and make it easier for people. The project was a USA Regional shortlist at the James Dyson Award 2011. The “Luna” tray is a tray for casual eating for those who eat while distracted in front of the TV or the computer. For “mindful” eaters, Luna enhances the eating experience by raising awareness of the interaction between body language and the food.By using a magnetic surface, Luna creates mild resistance between the utensils and the plate, focusing the user’s attention on every bite and creating a conscious reaction while eating. The polished surface of the tray mirrors the food giving the appearance of larger serving.The 8 oz. cup gives drinks equal consideration with the food. The cup’s double wall provides enough insulation to allow hot or cold drinks to maintain their temperatures with no burn risk to the user. The Luna tray is simple and elegant and comes in delicious appetizing range of colors to further enhance the eating experience.

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