"Mo'Joe" Coffee on tap

The Mo’Joe coffee maker, a sleek gently arcing spout that makes single, varying cups of coffee according to each individual drinker. there is no pot of coffee left burning for hours and the water storage/heating unit it connected directly to the water source beneath the counter top thus using a fraction of the space of conventional coffee makers. Mojoe saves time by heating only a single serving of hot water, it saves water by brewing fresh coffee only by the cup, it saves coffee by using only what will be used for a serving and it saves time by instantly making a cup of coffee when needed. For those on the go, for those concerned about Mother Earth, for those concerned about the Benjamins or for those concerned about how it will look in the kitchen, Mo’Joe has it all. Made from stainless steel and acrylic, it is offered in a range of finishes including chrome, satin chrome, polished brass and other options. Mo’Joe’s gentle and simple arc appears both retro and modern, making it appealing to coffee drinkers of many tastes.

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