NRG51 is an arcade game, classroom teaching tool and science fair project approach to teaching renewable, green energy using pulleys, handles, wheels, ramps and the ball’s motion to show students the energy created thru play. The see-thru body and “flying saucer” convex dome house a four station pinball game with 6 ways to create, harness, and store energy with play. Release the ball into the “antennae” generates energy with kinetic crashes and swerves across the playing surface. Flippers create energy by deflecting the ball into bumpers, turbines and switch gates. As play increases, kids produce “spare” energy for storage in the game’s clear base and a meter measures the energy generated during the session. Audio/visual benefits increase as subsequent levels are reached over the course of an entire game. The innovative design stimulates young imaginations to look past tomorrow’s horizon and into the future to solve energy problems here and now with teamwork, science and fun.

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