"Pegasus" Desk Lamp

Pegasus is designed as a long extruded “Pillow” made of brilliant midnight blue acrylic and it has a crystal Pegasus constellation embedded into the surface that illuminates when the lamp is opened. The surface of Pegasus is delicately cut on the upper lid of the lamp allowing soft light to reflect directly off the interior lid. Inside is a white acrylic “lining” and a strip of white LED lights that reflects the light onto the desk by tilting up the top. Pegasus is not intrusive on personal space yet still maintains a strong presence on the desk. The entire piece sits on a transparent acrylic leg that situates the lamp low on the desk and appears to float just above the working surface. Because of this low setting, Pegasus eliminates most of the shadows that normally occur from the body and other things placed on the desk. Closed Pegasus looks like a mysterious “Pandora’s Box,” opened it is an elegant light source and functional art piece.

“Pegasus,  A symbol of the  soul able to fly  beyond the  realm of physical life. An inspirational magical creature endowing a sense of beauty and majesty  to the works in which  he appears. He is the power of  the  creative  spirit that we bring to our lives and the lives of others.”
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